amazing, brilliant and RESPONSIBLE

There are not enough amazing words to describe Jennifer and NYC Petcare. We were in a bind because our poor Bulldog Charlie was sick and we had to go away for a wedding. I was on the verge of telling my husband to stay home for the weekend to take care of the poor dog. Charlie is our baby, and we treat him as such. In a last ditch effort I looked online and found NYC Petcare. Jennifer and I talked and she agreed to take our charlie for the weekend. Not only was she friendly and knowledgeable, she welcomed charlie and his hacking cough and runny nose into her home and nursed him back to health. She always responded to my calls and txt messages over the weekend and even sent pictures. Charlie was on Meds and a special diet and she happily cooked his food. I really cannot think of a more qualified or better person to leave your pet with. She is just amazing, brilliant and RESPONSIBLE. Charlie loved her, we loved her and you will love her!

Carrie M. Manhattan, NY