trustworthy, punctual, polite and enthusiastic

When we got a new puppy, NYC Petcare and Jennifer came highly recommended from our neighbors. Jennifer has lived up to her reviews in every way. She communicates with us very well, giving us daily updates on her time with our pup. She has been very helpful for us in the transition to having a new puppy with everything from training tips to leash and product recommendations. Also, our puppy loves her and will still get excited around the time Jennifer would normally come, even if we are home from work that day. She is trustworthy, punctual, polite and enthusiastic. We absolutely recommend NYC Petcare for all of your walking/care needs.

Clark S. Manhattan, NY

great judgment in her handling of any situation

For the past 2 years, Jennifer and her team have been incredible extensions to our household, providing daily walking services and occasional boarding to our little canine king, Hudson. He is a rescue with a lot of spirit – as well as quirks – and I have always felt comfortable with NYC Petcare’s experience and professionalism in caring for him. More importantly, Jennifer and her team provide him with love and affection, demonstrating their true love for all animals. I leave for work every day knowing Hudson is in the best hands possible, and I also know Jennifer will alert me to anything that comes up with him as well as use great judgment in her handling of any situation.

caring, reliable, and professional

When I moved and had to find a new cat-sitter, my friend referred me to Jennifer, saying that she was caring, reliable, and professional. That has been my experience with her both times she has taken care of my two cats. She was responsive by email and text, easily kept track of the details of feeding, apartment access, litter-box instructions, etc., was happy to send photos… most importantly to me, it was clear that she spent lots of quality time with the cats, playing with them and petting them.

efficient and professional

I have a difficult squirmy cat who needed ear drops for an ear infection while I was away and NYC Pet Care really took care of business! Very efficient and professional while being compassionate and loving towards my babies!

Abby L. Manhattan, NY

genuinely cares for and LOVES your animal

Finding the right person to care for your pet is difficult. Sometimes even impossible. We went through the normal process, asking other dog owners, our vet and even talking to dog walkers in the park or in the dog run.

amazing, brilliant and RESPONSIBLE

There are not enough amazing words to describe Jennifer and NYC Petcare. We were in a bind because our poor Bulldog Charlie was sick and we had to go away for a wedding. I was on the verge of telling my husband to stay home for the weekend to take care of the poor dog. Charlie is our baby, and we treat him as such. In a last ditch effort I looked online and found NYC Petcare. Jennifer and I talked and she agreed to take our charlie for the weekend. Not only was she friendly and knowledgeable, she welcomed charlie and his hacking cough and runny nose into her home and nursed him back to health. She always responded to my calls and txt messages over the weekend and even sent pictures. Charlie was on Meds and a special diet and she happily cooked his food. I really cannot think of a more qualified or better person to leave your pet with. She is just amazing, brilliant and RESPONSIBLE. Charlie loved her, we loved her and you will love her!

Carrie M. Manhattan, NY

Personalized service and loving providers

NYC Petcare has been walking and taking care of my pup Schnitzel for over 7 years and my cat for almost 3. They are extremely accommodating and my animals love them! If you’re looking for a better alternative to boarding in one of the larger kennels, this is the company for you. Personalized service and loving providers are perfect for your pet.

Karen M. San Francisco, CA

kindness and compassion were immediately apparent

I found NYC Petcare by chance about 7 years ago and have never looked back. I was a little nervous at the thought of inviting a stranger into my home to care for my cat, so I arranged a meeting with Jennifer beforehand. Any hesitations I had were gone within minutes of speaking with her. Her kindness and compassion were immediately apparent, and I knew that my cat would be very well cared for by her or any of the sitters that she employs. They not only take great care of my cat, but are always so good about putting my neurotic mind at ease with emailed updates while I’m gone. It definitely makes my time away from home much more enjoyable knowing my cat is well taken care of by extremely trustworthy individuals.

Sarah B. Manhattan, NY