Kelly, Pet Care Provider

Moving to New York from LA and then not having a dog or a cat for the first time in her life was so hard for Kelly. As soon as she could, she adopted a cat and would have gotten a dog too if it was permitted. Pets are family! Kelly loves getting to know new animals and discovering their individual personalities. In addition to caring for animals with NYC PETCARE, Kelly currently works with a rescue group called “The Artemis Project”, on the UWS of Manhattan. The group helps the cats that a lot of other groups won’t. They don’t care about their age or behavior, and feel that each cat deserves a chance. She is also involved in helping to take care of a cat colony in her own uptown Manhattan neighborhood. Kelly is a cat expert.

Kelly finds so much pleasure in getting to know the pets that she takes care of with NYC PETCARE! She loves to watch how they play and sleep, and all the little things that they do. Kelly has a passion for photography, so expect lots of pictures of your pets while she is taking care of them, and also stories to ease your mind while you are away from them!

While pet sitting in a client’s home, she keeps in mind everything she would like if someone were in her home. She is respectful of the environment, and careful in following each client’s wishes. From co-sleeping with your pet, or any other particular requests to maintain the home nicely, she feels it’s very important to stick to the fine details in the care instructions.
Kelly cannot board animals at her apartment, but is able to stay in other people’s homes with animals for overnight care, or pet sitting visits, and dog walking.